TEDx Flatbush

Meet the Team

Dr. Donna-Lee Granville​

Organizer & Curator

Dr. Donna-Lee Granville is a sociologist that studies and teaches about pop culture, race and ethnicity, and immigration. “I love being in the classroom, interacting with students of all backgrounds, and engaging with challenging topics of contemporary significance. I had a chat with a TEDx organizer and friend about my neighborhood while she was in town visiting. Her response to my observations and questions: You should plan a TEDx conference. Started from that convo, now we’re here.”

Tanzee Silver​

Producer - Marketing & Event Production

Day to day, Tanzee Silver works in the transportation industry with a focus on the engineering of energy efficient and sustainable buildings and operations.
She strongly believes in contributing to the communities she is apart of. “Some of the biggest impacts can be made by supporting efforts to create a safe space to facilitate conversation and the sharing of ideas between different members of the community.” She has joined with the TEDXFlatbush team to do just that.

Asiah Charles​

Speaker Team Lead

Asiah Charles is currently a supervisor with energy utility in NYC. At her day job, she prides herself in being involved in volunteer initiatives and people development. Through TED, she hopes to aid in educating her community and continuing the pipeline of giving back!

Odamea Akomah Gbamuse

Webmaster & Production Lead

Odamea Akomah Gbamuse is currently the manager for innovative ambulatory care information systems for a New York based health care facility. She also runs a small women’s group called Akwaaba Awujo. She jointly runs a African fashion and wellness company Ohemia, with her sister, and runs an African home and event decor company: MASAKO. “I joined TEDx Flatbush because I know the impact that TED has had on my life. It’s an honor to bring this to BK.”