Saturday September 7, 2019

It’s all in the mind. Though a simple proposition, what if this was true? What if the changes we desired to see in our communities, in our lives, and in our very selves began with the thoughts in our mind?

The TEDxFlatbush 2019 theme embraces that thinking through a carefully selected collection of talks designed to encourage a mindshift; a quality of mind that encourages forward thinking and creativity regardless of surrounding circumstances. This conference is our reminder that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

FAQs About the Event:

The event will be held in Ingersoll Hall at Brooklyn College. To enter the event please use the entrance on Bedford Avenue between Campus Road and Avenue I. The entrance is on Bedford Avenue do not enter the main gated entrance to the campus.
The event starts PROMPTLY at 10am but we suggest you arrive earlier to check-in and get comfortable
Doors open at 9am. For security reasons ticket holders will not be admitted prior to this time.
Nope! Please do not waste paper printing your ticket we are trying to save the planet. Feel free to bring your confirmation on your mobile device just in case.

A BOOK for our Book Swap! 

No the event is first come first served. However, There is a seat for every ticket holder.

Didn’t I just tell you…we’re trying to save the planet. We will not provide printed agenda to attendees but it will be posted throughout the venue, on the home page of our website where you can download your own copy. Click here for the agenda, and to download! 

Yes and no… we suggest attendees eat a hearty breakfast before arriving. During intermission a light lunch will be served to all ticket holders.

Alexa play Money by Cardi B” …Well there are several options… you can donate funds and/or volunteer your time. Check out our EventBrite page to make a quick donation (any amount is greatly appreciated) or check out our partners page on our website.

Please limit photo and videography, we have a professional camera crew onsite. Photos and videos of the event will be available on our site in October. If you absolutely must take a picture or record during the event please do not use flash or lighting. Don’t forget to tag us and use #Mindshift19

Meet Our Speakers

Alex Wolf:
The Tech Philosopher

A Digital Anthropologist and author whose focus is on encouraging social tech developers to design and use more human-friendly technology.

B. Anderson:
The Conscious Neighbor

Founder of Song Of The Spirit Institute, which teaches earth based practices of the African and Indigenous diaspora.

Carl Joseph-Black:
The SouSou Man

Founder of which is a website dedicated to increasing the wealth of young Black millennials by sharing insights on capital markets and wealth management that’s as easy to learn as a Drake verse.

Janina Jeff:
The Geneti-"Sis"

A population geneticist and host of the ‘In Those Genes’ podcast, where she uses genetics to decode the lost histories of African descendant Americans

Janine Hausif:
The Sustainable Seamstress

Founder of Sew Sustainable Alterations, an on-demand alterations company helping people to keep their clothes longer.

Laurie Gerber:
The Out "Liar"

Co-founder and Head Coach of Handel Group Life Coaching, as well as the author of ‘Maybe It’s You: Cut The Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life’ a no-nonsense practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there.

Monica Rivera:
The "Lone" Survivor

Founder of YOU WANNA DO WHAT?!, a podcast about exploring interests and allowing listeners to change, choose, and try. It ventures to give listeners permission to pursue goals and dreams, because it’s never too late to reinvent oneself.

Natasha Johnson:
The Flatbush Feminist

Executive Director/Founder of Globalizing Gender/The Zuna Group, doing work to systematically right wrongs that will restore integrity to those denied it.

Lorenzo “Renny” Cromwell: The Hometown Hero

Our host

A game changer in social media/content creation with his unique, physical and fresh comedy style. Currently, Renny is one the most viewed/relevant comedic content creators on social media. Renny has graced the pages of ESQUIRE along with stages across the globe as a marquee host/comedian. Renny is also a classically trained actor hailing form Brooklyn College. Renny continues to act, write and produce his own films, plays and original content.