Interested in Being a Speaker?

TEDx events focus on the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the
world. In keeping with the TED spirit, TEDxFlatbush seeks outstanding presenters from
various disciplines who have truly original “ideas worth spreading,” and who can inspire an
audience to explore, learn, and engage with those ideas. This year’s theme MINDSHIFT,
represents a quality of mind that encourages forward thinking and creativity regardless of
surrounding circumstances. We are looking for speakers whose ideas broadly relate to this
theme in areas such as social justice, personal development and growth, innovation and
creativity in career and entrepreneurial endeavors, connecting past, present and future,
among other content categories. Feel free to make the theme your own! Show us how to
embrace a mindshift by making the familiar strange and reminding us that a mind is a
terrible thing to waste.


Please take a moment to review TEDx’s Content Guidelines
We seek to build consensus and provide outside-the-box thinking, not to revisit familiar, unresolvable disputes on these topics.